My Tiny Addition (382 square feet)

After going through a devastating break up, I decided I was destined to be a one income family. Me, myself and I. My back yard is really big and I joked with several friends that they could put a tiny house in my backyard. Then one day, it clicked. I should put a tiny house in my backyard. And so it began. I wanted to put in a tiny guest house in my backyard that had electric and plumbing, I would live in it and rent out my main house. Unfortunately, the city I live in would not allow me to have a separate dwelling on my property and I so I decided to make it a tiny addition instead, a 382 square foot apartment.

I found a company that had experience with tiny houses and off we went. I had an architect help me with the layout and I designed the rest myself. A few months after we broke ground, the company that I was using broke up. I went with my contractor who started a new business. After bankruptcy of the new company, $100K over the original price and a year later my tiny addition was finally complete.

It was difficult to say the least, but my dream is still underway and it’s beautiful. I love living in my small space and I have learned so much. I continually work on purging as much as possible. I still have a little purging to go and hope to do a garage purge, clothes/shoe purge (my third time) and another general house purge. I don’t have that much left, but there are things I still have that I do not use and have no purpose. It takes me about a half hour to clean my house and my back yard has been completely xeriscape. The low maintenance has already given me more free time to do the things that I love, such as writing this blog.