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Paris Top Ten

Paris Top Ten

There are many top ten lists for Paris but everyone has their own opinion and every one is a little different. Since I like to share my opinion, here is mine!

1. Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower should be number one on everyone's list. I have seen her at least twenty five times and each time it's almost like the first. I am still in awe and she is beautiful! I'm not sure what it is about her. Spend some time, it is most enjoyable to have a picnic on the grounds around the Eiffel Tower. I know a lot of Parisians don't like the light show at night, but you should see it, it's magical. After sundown, the lights will sparkle every hour on the hour. 


2. Sacre Coeur and Montmarte
Going up to the Sacre Coeur, seeing the views, going to the shops and wandering around that area is amazing. It is such a lively area and there are several shops I frequent when going there, Anoki and Fragonaurd. I also like to find a cute cafe to have lunch and then stop for a macaron. 


3. Jardin de Tuilieres
These Jardins are my favorite in Paris. The fountains, all of the statues and the flowers are just lovely. I never get to spend quite enough time in the jardins when I visit, but if I lived there, I would like to think that I would visit often. Take a book, pack a picnic, people watch, wander the grounds and spend a nice afternoon here. 


4. The Marais
It is always a pleasure getting lost in the Marais. The shops, cafes and restaurants are plentiful and always wonderful. Try to take at least the afternoon to meander, longer if you have time. If you can, try to stay in this area, it is central to all of the sights and you have everything you need at your doorstep. 


5. The Seine    
Take a walk along the Seine, have a picnic by the Seine, spend an afternoon or morning. It is very pleasent to walk along the Seine. People also ride bikes and run along the Seine. The people watching is spectacular and it is so peaceful. Along the Seine you will see Bouquinistes, the green metal stands. I think it's fun to check out what everyone has, sometimes you can find some real gems! I also recommend getting a boat tour on the Seine, it gives you such a different vantage point of the city. 


6. Angelina
Angelina has been around since nineteen hundred and three. They are famous for their chocolate chaud (hot chocolate) and it does not dissapoint. I highly recommend going for brunch and having the Petite-Dejuner Parisian, you will get chocolate chaud, juice, mini pastries, fresh bread, jams and butter. It is fabulous! If you make a reservation, you get to skip the queue when you get there. 


7. Roue de Paris
If you happen to be in Paris while the Roue de Paris is up, you should ride it. It is only up from November to May. The views are stunning and you can see all of Paris and it's also only 6 Euro. 


8. Musee d'Orsay
I like to visit museums, but can sometimes get overwhelmed. The size of Musee d'Orsay is perfect, not too big, not too small. And you can see a lovely view of the Sacre Coeur from the clock. It's in the old train station and the building itself is gorgeous.


9. Notre Dame
At the very least you should see Notre Dame from the outside. It's a beautiful church and the back has amazing gothic features. The inside is lovely as well, but if you don't want to wait in the line I think it's okay to miss it. 


10. Laduree
I have gotten the macarons from Laduree when in Paris before, but a couple of trips ago I stopped in for tea and it was lovely! You can get a variety of different teas and of course they have treats and macarons. They also have food, but I have never actually eaten there. Yet anyway. The experience is just sweet.

As you will notice I have left the Louvre off of the list. While I recommend at least walking through the Louvre area to see the beautiful buildings and the glass pyramids, I found the Louvre to be very overwhelming. Of course there are many other things to see in Paris, but if you are on a time crunch, these are my recommendations. I also recommend that you walk as much as possbile. Paris is a lovely city and best seen by foot. There are so many nooks and crannys that you will find areas you love everywhere. Enjoy!

Top Five Places to Stay

1. 4th Arrondissement (The Marais)
2. 7thArrondissement (Tour Eiffel)
3. 2nd Arrondissement (Rue Montorgueil)
4. 1st Arrondissement (Jardin de Tuilieres)
5. 6th Arrondissement (Saint-Germain-des-Prés)

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